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Modelling tips

Modelling has a reputation for being a highly exclusive career open only to the beautiful and perfect few, but this image is far from accurate. The modelling industry includes a wide variety of specializations, from high-fashion studio work to plus-size catwalk work, from promotional and trade modelling to special interest modelling. Of course, models are expected to have that special something, but this quality can come in many forms.

Become a model in london 

1. Do Your Research

There are so many different types of modelling jobs that anyone serious about modelling should do some in-depth research to find out which type is best for them. To put it briefly, catwalk models are expected to be tall and relatively flat chested to allow the clothes they are modelling to hang attractively. Promotional models need to be confident and self-assured in order to talk to their client’s potential customers. Catalogue models need to be in good proportion, to be photogenic and able to provide a range of poses quickly and reliably. Choosing the right specialization for your modelling career is crucial to your success.

2. Take Care of Your Body

Eating correctly and taking regular exercise are only the first steps in taking care of your body. As a model, you are expected to be an available blank canvas with which the marketing team and photographers can work. This means keeping your skin as clear and as healthy as possible, ensuring your nails are neat and free from colored nail polish and making sure your hair is clean, trimmed and in good condition. Don’t worry, having a spot won’t mean you can’t do a photoshoot, but it’s essential that you treat it to reduce any swelling.

3. Prepare a Portfolio for Modelling Jobs
When first applying to a modelling agency, it’s a good idea to have  portfolio to hand. Include information such as height, weight, and shoe size, hip, waist, and chest size and also the colour of your hair, eyes and skin.

How to become successful model

4. Practice Your Professional Poses

It’s well known that the busiest models are usually the best posers. This is because they get the most practice. For aspiring and newbie models, the best way to get this practice is to enlist the services of family and friends to help you perfect your poses. Follow a guide on achieving great poses and then try them out in front of the camera until they are second nature.
5. Read up on Modelling

There’s nothing like a little industry insight to give you an edge in modelling. Look online for model interviews and articles about the business. This is the best way to learn what to expect at interviews, auditions and go-sees. There’s no substitute for being well prepared.

6. Be on Time and be Professional

We can’t stress this enough. If you have an appointment with your agency, a potential client or for a shoot or show, always be on time. Although the modelling world seems full of divas who can do what they please, a newbie model who keeps other professionals waiting won’t be re-booked. And remember, no matter how much fun it might be, modelling is still a job and it is still work. Always be polite and respectful to the people you are working alongside. If you find yourself in a disagreement, don’t argue about it, just call your agency.
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7. Be Creative and Unique

An important part of being a successful model is being able to offer something original and unique. This doesn’t mean you need to be kooky or crazy to stand out. Your look might be warm and friendly, or smart and serious. You just need to learn how to present this look in a way that makes your modelling stand out from the crowd.
modeling studion in london

8. Channel Your Self-Esteem

You’ve probably heard it said that models need tough skin. It’s not really true. What you need is self-esteem. Part of going to auditions is hearing the word ‘no’. Understand that the word no is normal and a rejection is not a criticism of you. The most important tool in modelling is good self-esteem and it’s a quality that will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life.

We hope you find these modelling jobs tips useful and remember, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Interested to make a career in modeling? Feel free to contact us on

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Modelling General Advice

General Advice

Secrets to being a model

When going to casting calls always make sure that you are well presented, think carefully about your outfits so that it shows off your figure and always wear heels. You should wear some make up but keep it natural and the same goes with nail varnish as well.

Always look after your skin, the less products you use the better, after a period of time if you use a lot of products containing chemicals and alcohols in, they can have ageing effects.

The modelling industry can be an incredibly lucrative career given that you have the drive and determination to succeed, but it will only last as long as you have the same proactive nature and looks than when you started. Always have a backup career and keep up your studies until you are sure that modelling is something that you should take up as a full-time career.

Diet and exercise are very important as ultimately your body is the tool to which you will be hired for work, if you don’t look after it you will lose out on jobs. You need to have a good relationship with your body to succeed.

To be a top model you need a strict exercise regime and to be conscious that you eat healthy, this does not mean you starve yourself, but just look after your body so you have a naturally healthy look.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Succeed at Modelling

When beginning your journey in the modelling industry many begin to wonder if they have the qualities and traits suited for the fiercely competitive world. 

The character required surviving such a challenging, fickle yet incredible world is built through each experience. Many traits do come naturally yet shine and develop further during each obstacle, proud moment or rejection. 

Every model learns and grows over time to deal with each scenario laid ahead of them. 
Here are 5 qualities that an experienced model has developed to cope when navigating through the industry.

A hopeful with a determined character will have a fighting chance of becoming a successful model. It is not an easy career to choose and therefore, demands for individuals to be committed to their dream and not give up when opportunities fizzle or do not present themselves. It is important to remember your talent and have the faith that you will succeed, will help here.

Models are expected to be confident and self-assured when arriving at a photoshoot or catwalk show. This level of confidence is also required whilst performing the modelling role as shy and timid characters will not deliver. It is normal to feel nervous especially at your first modelling job yet use these feelings for good and to help your performance on the day.

Hard working
The modelling industry demands individuals who have a work ethic that understands hard work welcoming early starts and late finishes due to their commitment and passion for their career. An ambitious character that is determined to succeed through sheer hard work will be well suited to the modelling world. It is certainly not an easy profession – laziness will not be welcomed!

Those who succeed in the modelling industry need to be passionate about their career and enjoy the world of style and fashion. An enthusiastic and energetic individual will have the instinct to naturally locate opportunities and embrace new interactions. Their passion and interest for the industry will allow for them to enjoy each role and live their life to the fullest. A negative and disinterested attitude will hinder a career rather than progress it further. are passionate and love passionate people.

It is a known fact that most models face rejection and closed doors on many occasion. It is easy to feel deflated and upset by this yet as a model it is a part of everyday life and enables for you to be persistent and keep fighting for your place. Every successful model has had to go through times of upset and failure yet it enables for them to be strong and fearless allowing for them to grow into an amazingly successful mode

If this is you, I would like to hear from you, contact me @

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A Modelling Portfolio is the one and only marketing tool that every freelance model should have. It could also be seen as a CV that shows what kind of work the model has been involved in. Judging upon the quality of the portfolios the casting directors have on the table they are choosing the models that are closely matching the requirements for the photoshoot assignment.

In the modelling industry it is accepted that all models are freelancers. Even when signing with modelling agencies the models are joining them on a self employed bases. If you are just starting a career in modelling you should be aware that as it is going to be up to you how you manage your bookings. In most cases models are expected to cover their own expenses unless the clients agree to include the expenses in the offer. However, being a freelance model does not mean that you are not allowed to be represented by agencies. Most agencies are offering non-exclusive contracts for their models, which means that they are not restricted to work exclusively for them. 

Models can choose what jobs to take or reject depending on the available dates in their calendar. Joining multiple non-exclusive agencies who specialise in their area of modelling can significantly increase exposure and ensure more work. Should they choose to represent you they will want to show your printed portfolio to their clients, they will want your Z-card available to display in their offices and be ready to hand over copy of your CD modelling portfolio if it is required.
Printed Modelling Portfolio

Printed modelling portfolio is a A3 format binder containing a collection of the model’s best pictures that represent the modelling genre and the abilities of the model. A printed modelling portfolio is important when you attend castings, go-sees and auditions. It can also be taken to agencies when apply to join. Many agencies host open days where you can attend with your portfolio.
CD Modelling Portfolio

If you have a CD portfolio, you can easy send photos by email and upload them to relevant websites. It also means that you can easily make copies so that you have them forever and don’t get damaged.
Online Modelling Portfolio

Every freelance model should have an online modelling portfolio. The online portfolio link is easy to promote when you taking part in the conversations on the social media site or modelling forums, as well as emailing the link to potential clients.
What’s more, you can constantly update it with images from your latest photoshoots.
Z Card

Z card is a composite card that every model should have. It may contain 4 to 7 A5 format pictures of the models portfolio and their business information is included. They are usually presented on more casual events. Z card in effect is a small portfolio. A sort of a business card containing the model’s statistics, contact information, and variety of images. It is advised to always carry a Z-card with you as you never know whom you may meet.

Being switched on and always on the look for new job opportunities is what will make your career a success. Every modelling job counts; no matter how big or small as it is adding to your modelling experience and helping you build a stronger modelling portfolio.

El can offer you professional advice and open doors that would otherwise seem shut. He has a long history of success and over 15 years experiance in teh industry, get in touch with him today!!

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How to smile tips

You can work on facial expressions by practising them in a mirror. Everything you feel is reflected in your face, and models need to be adept at projecting all the major emotions. Make a list of key emotions (love, hate, sorrow, joy etc.) and practise expressing each emotion in front of a mirror. After you have practised for a while, try out your skills on a friend and see if they can tell what emotion you are conveying.

How to smile Tips from

Learning how to smile sounds ridiculous - surely everyone can do it? In fact, smiling 'to order' is a real skill, and one that professional models need to master.

To improve your smiling skills, position yourself in front of a mirror and practise the following steps.
  • Put your lips together without moving them. Look at your face in the mirror, concentrating on the eyes. At first, they're lifeless. Now lift up the corners of your mouth and watch your eyes come alive. 

  • To create a smile, say "MMM" without opening your mouth. No teeth should be showing. Don't forget to turn the corners of your mouth up.

  • To create a broader smile, say "MMM" again with your mouth still closed and again, don't forget to turn up the corners of the mouth.

  • This time say "ME", whilst opening your mouth and showing your teeth but keeping it soft. Next say "ME" again, this time with a big smile showing all your teeth.

  • When you say "HEY," you produce a very natural facial expression. Say "HEY" and hold it - you will notice your tongue is coming forward and your lips are apart. Now try it again, saying "HEY" with a smiling expression.

  • Create a gaunt look by saying the word "POOR", keeping the lips very soft and sultry and holding for a few seconds.

  • To achieve an open and happy laugh try saying "HAA", remembering to focus your gaze on someone or something to avoid a "lifeless" look.
Posing Tips from

You can practise posing in front of a full-length mirror. Check out some fashion catalogues to find the most popular poses. Pay attention to the tilt of the head, the position of the hands and the turn of the ankle. These little things can make a big difference - just as with facial expressions, your body posture can convey a variety of emotions. 

Consider taking up activities that teach you how to move your body gracefully. Dancers and gymnasts move well in front of the camera because they know how to create long sweeping lines with their bodies.

Both facial expressions and poses can be improved by practising with props, products and wardrobe. Examples of props could be a floppy hat, a long shawl or a beach ball. The idea is to practise using and reacting to the prop.

Since one of the key areas of modelling is promotional and marketing work, it is a good idea to practise with a product that might be sold - a perfume, household product or foodstuff, for example. Practise holding the product so it may be clearly seen and you don't cover the label.

In fashion shoots, you'll be selling clothes, so practise showing the important features of each item. Show off the pockets, collar and belt or how the garment moves. You need to bring attention to whatever makes the garment interesting.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Make up tips for your eyes.

Sara, from, EL's assistant, gives you 7 Makeup tricks  to get ALL eyes on your eyes.



1. Choose Eyeshadow Shades That Contrast to Your Eye Color

Rather than just going for the basic neutral palette so many of us wear for our daily look, consider choosing eyeshadow shades that contrast your eye colour. This means you’re going to choose an eyeshadow shade opposite of your eye colour to give your eyes a look that really pops. This will be the colour opposite your eye colour on a colour wheel. So blue eyes will want shades with orange such as copper, brown eyes need blue and green shades and hazel-eyed beauties will look best in shades with a hint of rose or purple.

2. Don’t Forget Your Brow Bone

It’s easy enough to forget your brow bone. We apply a base colour and crease colour and then call it quits. But giving your brow bone attention can add something special. Choose a very pale colour to highlight the brow bone area, perhaps one with a touch of shimmer. Step back from the mirror and notice what a difference this makes.

3. Master the Winged Liner Look

I think the winged liner look is the most beautiful eyeliner look there is. It’s very popular right now yet it also has a classic, vintage feel. It’s true that it isn’t an easy look to master. However, with time and practice, you can get it. Try it out when you have lots of time to work on it.

4. Discover the Magic of Lash Primer

Aw, lash primer. It’s quite the amazing little product! It gives your mascara superpower. It works by building up your lashes so that they’re longer and thicker when you apply mascara. The finished look is one that’s certain to wow.

5. Don’t Settle when It Comes to Mascara

Mascara is a makeup product usually either flips or flops. And women have such individual taste in what they’re looking for from a mascara so it’s really a process of trial and error to find one you love. You do want to keep looking until you find one that’s right for you. Some that I currently love are Benefit’s They are Real, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational and L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. The wands to all of those are fabulous and that’s what really makes mascara.

6. Highlight around the Eye Area

We talked about highlighting the brow bone but you don’t want to stop there. The area around your eyes is important to work with, too. You want to make sure your dark circles are concealed first. A great concealer that also adds an illuminating quality is It Cosmetic’s Bye-Bye Undereye. You can also add a highlighting product such as Benefit’s High Beam to the tops of your cheekbones and your temple area to give your eyes centre stage.

7. Go Nude on the Lips

If you want your eyes to have all the attention then tone down your lipstick. Nude lips are very fashionable right now so you won’t have any trouble finding lipstick in this color family. I think Adele is a perfect example of how nude lipstick can be both beautiful and helpful in giving your eyes the attention they deserve. Mac’s Crème Cup And NYX’s Stone are great nudes to try.
These’re 7 tips to help you make sure all eyes are on your eyes. How do you make your eyes stand out? What’re your favourite eye makeup products?


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Be A Star!

Do people always comment that you have a ‘star’ quality?

Then why not try dipping your toe into the pond of success.

Well, maybe you need to start smaller, but everyone who is famous has had to start somewhere so who knows where you dreams may take you.  Whatever talent you have, whether you love singing, long to be a dancer or aspire to be an actor then take the plunge and follow your dreams with by your side.

Our experience and expertise can help with matching performers to clients through the many number of industry contacts we have built up over nearly 20 years in the business. Whilst there is no magic formula on how to be a star, believing in yourself is a must and a helping hand goes a long way. can give advice and guidance every step of the way.

Being a star doesn't only take a talent but demands hard work, long hours and a commitment second to none. If you want to find out more about how to be a star then register your talent at today as we are a unique talent agent across the UK.

You be taking a big step closer to your dreams.

Most people have the ability to become a star but it takes someone special to actually be a real star and make a living at what they love doing.

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Modelling Types El Irving Advise's on

Why not take a look at the model types below to get an idea of the modelling work that can help you with, weather you are just starting out or you need advice. Contact for any further information on how we can help you in your career.
In this blog we are going to concentrate on Promotionial Modelling.

Promotional modelling is a great way to get into the world of modelling.  Promotional models are used at store openings, clubs, trade shows and public events to promote a business, service or product.   

This can involve handing out leaflets, chatting to visitors or maybe getting visitors to fill out a competition form.   Whatever type of promotion modelling is offered, its a good introduction to modelling and can earn you some extra money.

Promotional Modelling

Both male models and female promotion models are needed by our clients to promote their products, but generally female models are requested more often for promotional assignments.  An important factor of promotional modelling is to increase product awareness, and therefore the assignment may call for you to wear an outfit or uniform.  Usually my clients will provide any clothing required or will make us aware of what is to be worn. 

Promotional modelling can be good fun, so if you have any outgoing personality and like talking to people then promotional modelling may be for you.  Why not contact, you will be pleased you did.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to be a successful model

  • Confidence. Clients are looking for someone who is confident and can sell a product convincingly. If you're not naturally confident, consider using one of the many self-help books or CDs available that can help you to build up self-confidence. To renew your confidence in your looks, remind yourself of compliments you've received from others. 
  • A 'thick skin'. You must be able to handle the rejection that every model faces, while still putting yourself forward whenever there's a chance of getting the job. You can't expect to meet the expectations of every client. Try to think, 'It's good if I get the job, but if they don't want my look I won't feel bad about it'.
  • Stamina. A model needs to be fit and healthy so they can work all day and still look good at the end of it. Maintain a healthy diet and work out at least three times a week. If you can't afford a gym, walking and running are great exercises that anyone can do. If you're too busy to exercise, build exercise into your daily routine by walking to work or to the shops. 
  • Independence. Professional models may have to travel often, so you need an independent spirit and a self-starting attitude. You'll need to get yourself up in the morning and make sure you arrive at the job on time and ready to perform. You also need to be comfortable if you need to be by yourself for long periods.
  • Organisation. You need to be well organised in order to keep track of the dates, times and locations of your castings and appointments. Keep a paper diary with you or use one of the many online tools available to enter and edit your appointments. Keep all your papers in a single safe and secure location. 
  • Willpower. Working models can't afford to indulge in drink, drugs or partying. You must have the will power to say NO. An agency will drop a model very quickly if it becomes clear that his or her lifestyle could affect her work - or the agency's reputation. 
  • Availability and responsiveness. Make sure it's easy for agencies to get in touch with you if they need to. When you have a confirmed job, communicate with the photographer/agency as much as you can, and answer their queries as quickly as possible.
  • Fashion. Keep up with the latest styles and clothing trends, particularly those that suit your looks and style. Keep your portfolio updated with shots that use recent looks.
  • Persistence. This is perhaps the most important attribute of all. It takes a lot of work to be a professional model! It's no good waiting for work to come to you - you need the get-up-and-go attitude of someone who sets goals and goes after them. As George Bernard Shaw said, 'The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.'


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How Does Your Fashion Sense Rank?

What to you is good or bad fashion sense?

This question I have been asked many times before by people, regarding my fashion sense and in general on fashion.
In this article I am going to give some examples of fashion and you can make your mind up what is good or bad.

Do not let others dictate what is good or bad fashion sense to you, it is a preference in your mind’s eye no one else’s.

Today the internet and magazines are over saturated with what celebrities and other trend-setters believe is top fashion and what not good fashion sense is.

As we all know everyone’s choice is different and that’s what makes us who we are.

Mens Fashion Sense
Above you will see a young man dressed in casual but smart clothing. To me I like this for everyday wear but not for office work in the big cities. This is to be for, in my opinion for meeting friends or maybe going out for a drink or meal with close friends. The first shot is a good mix of casual, for example the jeans and trainers mixed successfully with a shirt and a V-neck jumper so it looks smart but casual as well. 

This would be good for lunch time meet with friends or a drink or two in town. The second photo is a good example of a day off look with the low neck T-shirt with jeans and a green casual jacket and meeting friends with not a lot going on in the day. The third is really smart and the Jacket pulls of the total casual look but pulling off a smart look. This to me is a going out look but something like going to the gym before work or meeting friends. All three to me would come in the casual day off look without anything important going on. But you may pull off meetings with the first photo depending on how it looks on you.

Mens Smart Casual Fashio Sense
In this photo I found you will see a man dressed in a suit with no tie. This is a smart look but it also says ‘casual’ as well just because he has taken the tie from the picture. This seems to be a look for a day in the office in the big city but also a look to be going out for an important meeting as well as going out for a meal out in town with a loved one or with friends or colleagues. I like this look myself and the colour is what makes this suit. 

The sunglasses with the suit makes it look like this person is a well to do person and sends a message look at me but in a good way. If you look around you can find a decent suit for a reasonable price as well. Please don’t think you have to spend a fortune on a three or two piece suit. I bought a two piece suit for about £70 and it was not a top brand. It was bought from a local high street shop in my town. To be fare you can go to places like Primark, Burtons, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s for a decent looking suit. But to be honest you will have to look around first but don’t just take the first choice you find unless it calls out.

This is just a few men’s wear that ore out there and don’t have to cost a lot for the buyer. 
What else we will look at is smart and casual wear for women
Womens Smart Casual Fashion Sense
This suit for a woman is smart and to me says posh too. It appears to be fore an office job in the city or for an interview. With the necklace it pulls off the look of office or maybe Layer maybe but that’s just my thoughts. It is the sort of suit you would wear for your day job in the office. 

With the black heeled shoes and the black necklace it smart to the hilt. I like this look as at can give you another look to who you actually are. I would think that you would have to actually dress this suit down to be able to wear it for meals and drinks with friends or loved ones maybe at weekends or at nights. If you was going out at night you would not wear this but actually wear a dress to go to dinner or theatre.

What else we will look at is a casual look but smart dress sense for females but don’t take it literal as this is just a guide and my opinion. 

Womens Casual Fashion Sense
Here we have a casual look but smart at the same time and the colouring just calls out WOW in my eyes. It is the sort of dress wear you would put on for a dinner out with friends or family even a loved one but also it could be something you wear in the office and drinks afterwards. So in my eyes this has three functions in a daily life of a woman. 

The colours of this is a mix of plain then colour that gives it a kick to say smart am I, look at me but not in a way of attention seeking. It is smart look for going out drinking and meals with friends but also it has a look as if ‘I have just finished work and not had time to change’. If you can’t afford this look I bet you could go around high street shops and find something just as good or even better and half the price as well.

What do you think is good fashion sense?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Become A Successful Commercial Model

Commercial modeling comes in a wide array of sorts. There different types include newspapers, catalogs, magazines, editorials, brochures, on posters, billboards, sides of buses, packages of food items, household products, games, and so on.

Unlike a very specific tall and slender look that you see in fashion modeling, being a commercial model needs you to look like a real person. Commercial models come in all forms and sizes. As long as you fit the look the company is aiming for, you can be a commercial model regardless of your height, weight, size, age, or race.

Fees for commercial models vary on a project-by-project basis, although adult models are expected to make around £50 to £250 an hour, while children can earn up to £75 an hour. However, due to the variety of needs for commercial modeling, to get into the market, you must be able to do your research and gather vital information about the modeling industry: what types of photos are needed, what is expected of you, can help here as your agent.

There are several advantages to being a commercial model. For instance, the hours are extremely flexible, and the hourly fees are far from minimum wage. And of course, don’t forget to the thrill of seeing yourself or your child in a magazine, newspaper, brochure, poster, or better yet – a billboard.

Before you start giving out headshots, however, you should know how to create a good portfolio. If you watched any of the cycles of Next Top Model, you’d know that a good portfolio or composite sheet means the world in modeling—fashion or commercial.

However, because of the difference between fashion and commercial modeling, you can’t just go ahead and do artistic photo shoots—you have to figure out how to work your look and how you can represent yourself to the world. Choose a genre in modeling, if you will. can advise and assist you.

Ask yourself how you are going to be cast best—as a student, a young professional, a mother, a grandparent, a plumber, an athlete, and so on. Ask which setting you will look best—in an authoritative looking building, sitting behind an office desk, around a campfire?

Think about how you can showcase yourself properly to get the right modeling job that fits your look and personality. Before you get in front of the camera, look through magazines, newspaper ads, and even talent and showcase books to get ideas as to the type of modeling that you’re aiming for.
Once you have your look down pat, it’s time to take photos. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to get your photos professionally taken, but they have to at least look professional. Unlike the stoic (or as Tyra Banks puts it, “fierce”) looks of fashion modeling, make sure that your photos make you appear approachable, happy, and interesting. Dramatic photos are not encouraged either. can recommend a professional studio for your images.

Also ensure that your photos make your personality shine, so stay away from distracting jewelry, clothes, or hairstyles; your photos should look like you. An agency or photographer’s studio could actually fire you for “misrepresenting” your looks.

Unlike fashion models, commercial models do not need to attend modeling classes. However, they may need to have basic acting skills. Attending a few acting classes or workshops is a good start.

Still, your photos will not be enough to book you jobs. While the looks depend on what the client wants in his ad, you have to be able to shine through by your personality and character. Being a diva will not get you far in commercial modeling, because clients want a model with not just the right look, but the right personality, versatility, and even acting ability.

The demand for commercial models is very high, as companies are upping their advertising and marketing strategies. However, as is is with any other job, it is essential that you work hard and be professional during shoots. Looks will only get you so far—you can find success in your determination and perseverance more than you can with your smile.

www.elirving will look after and guide you through everything, get you jobs and look afer you thereafter.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Modelling Heights?

  • Are you concerned that your height will hinder your chances of becoming a model?
  • Do you look to the catwalk and editorial shoots feeling that the supermodels tower above you?
Many smaller models are insecure about their height measurement worried that despite their talent the industry would definitely discriminate against their 5 foot 4 inches. However, do not despair as petite models do have opportunities in the industry when looking in the correct places, I should know as I, have helped many achieve this.

Take a look at the type of work petite models can secure to carve a successful career.

Catalogue Modelling @
Online and print catalogues do cater for individuals with a tiny frame. The platform hosts a large amount of sections to provide for all of the family including petite, tall and maternity departments. Therefore, smaller models will be hired to model for the designs on sale. It is important that the images do showcase reality demonstrating how the garments fit a petite physique.

Petite Brands @
Similarly, petite labels require talent with a smaller height. The success of their label relies on the presentation of their designs. Garments are required to be cut in a way that flatters the tiny frame fitting smaller torso, arm and leg lengths. To promote the specific pattern cutting aimed at petite physiques is to actually work with those whose measurements meet their target audience. Their market can visualise how the designs work on a body shape similar to theirs and purchase the items.

Body Part Modelling @
Petite models may have a superb set of shapely legs, elegant hands or scrumptious feet that will be desirable for body part model. Individuals who possess a smaller height do not necessarily have a petite hands, feet or leg length as body proportions vary depending on the person in question. Therefore, look after your features and try to approach agencies and companies who specialise in body part modelling as you may be able to secure a job.

Swimwear Modelling@
Lingerie and swimwear brands focus on hiring models that fill their bras and knickers rather their height. It is important that the individual’s chest, torso, legs and derriere showcase their swimwear or underwear designs appropriately. Overly tall models are not necessarily suitable for the part, as their bust may not fill the bra seductively. It is certainly an idea to approach lingerie labels to gain experience and to see what the brand is after in terms of body shape.

High Fashion @
The high fashion world has gained a reputation that favours super tall, thin models however; recently there has been a lot of discussion over creating a diverse industry. As the industry accepts plus size models the firm line has begin to waver considerably with a variety of shapes, race and ages being welcomed to the catwalk. There has been a few exceptions to the rule with the likes of Kate Moss and Anja Konstantinova finding a place in the high fashion world. It is certainly worth a try as if an agent or industry professional is campaigning for your look than you will have a great chance.

Please get in touch if you want to get in to the industry;

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How To Kick Butt At A Photoshoot

Photoshoots are scary enough and modelling is way harder then it looks.
So here are some great and helpful tips to make sure you make the right impression.

1. Personality -

Being gorgeous is one thing but being memorable is another. If your going to be a successful model you can’t just rely on your looks alone you have to be prepared to network and get yourself out there. Try and be the person who was courteous, positive and professional. Being funny any confident never hurts either. If a photographer or a MUA enjoyed working with you, they are very likely to recommend you to others just based on the fact that they enjoyed your company. Do not be forgettable, show of your personality and what makes you special.

2. Practice –  

Don’t be that person who turns up on set and says “Now what!”. Find a model you admire and have a look at what they do correctly, what about them stands out? How are they looking at the camera? What about their posture? All of these things are important little tricks that you can pick up from studying the work of established models. It is a perfect excuse to take a million selfies and look at yourself in the mirror all day (like we need an excuse…).

3. Preparation – 

This isn’t every other day and it’s a job. So you need to be ready – make sure you drink loads of water and get plenty of sleep. Water and sleep are the two secrets to amazing skin, if you are dehydrated and tired…well that is not a hot look. Eat well before the shoot but stick to healthy foods. Vegetables and fruits are the best way to ensure you are on top form and will give you enough energy throughout the day. NO JUNK FOOD!!!! You are what you eat so if you eat badly your going look bad. Simple.

4. Punctuality -

You might be pretty, but pretty does not work if your late all the time. Plan your journey beforehand use an app and make sure you have the right address. If you need to confirm with someone beforehand its better to be safe then sorry and it just shows that you care. If you are late to shoots people will remember, this will effect your future as a model and for agencies it is unacceptable. So set your alarm extra early

5. Positivity! -

It might sound ultra cheesy, but if you dream it you can do it.  Most people never take the leap, and the fact that you’re already trying to live your dream means that your have taken the first step. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you. Body positivity is just as important as mental well being and whilst this industry traditionally isn’t the most open, time are changing and you can contribute towards that change. Style will always trump what is fashionable so it never hurts to make a statement in everyday life as well in the industry. Take care of yourself inside and out.

Monday, 11 April 2016

New Client Review

El Irving is a celebrity talent agent and model scout based in London. He has been established in London for years and is one of the most experienced agents in the capital. Here is a recent review from one of his clients.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and advice that you have been giving me since we met a few months ago.

I really appreciate the support, you have always been there when needed and boosted my confidence no end. I now walk with a spring in my step, always smiling and believe that I can gain any job throw at me.

I am so excited about working with you moving forward and so happy with what you have done for me so far.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to others in the industry.

Thanks El.
I really appreciate the continued support with my career over the last few months.

- Katie

For more information about El Irving and to contact him, visit his website now. If you need advice on chosing a celebrity talent agent or agency, real the EL Irving blog here.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

In order to be a successful model you need to have an extrovert personality as well as a ‘look’ that is either classic or which is a good fit with current fashion trends. It is a combination of these two factors which are likely to determine the success, or not, of turning modelling jobs into a modelling career. There are many reasons why people choose a career as a model and work with modelling scouts like El Irving, but he considers five of the major perks associated with this challenging but hugely rewarding career.

Meeting the rich and famous
One of the benefits of being a model is that it provides the opportunity to meet people you would not ordinarily get to meet. As well as meeting those who can be influential in a modelling career such as fashion designers, magazine and newspaper editors and photographers, modelling can also ‘open doors’ and enable models to meet actors (like Emma Watson), producers, business people and even royalty. If a model is successful, he or she may find there selves invited to parties and gatherings where they can mingle with the rich and famous. For some of those who decide to enter into modelling, this is a major motivating factor.

Travel in modelling jobs
For many models, one of the great things about the work is the fact that there can be a great deal of travelling. Whether this is travelling at home or abroad, the opportunities are endless. For successful catwalk models, overseas travel is a large part of the job. Travel provides the opportunity to experience many different countries and cultures, and possibly to pick up a new language or two along the way. Additionally, international assignments are often better paid and provide better allowances. All of a model’s travel expenses and allowances are covered by the client. Provided that you are happy to hop on a plane, sometimes at a moment’s notice, this is definitely one of the benefits to being a model.

Learning new skills
Working as a model is a great opportunity to learn new skills. Modelling work involves lots of waiting around, creating perfect opportunities to improve knowledge and pick up tricks of the trade. For instance, models spend many hours with makeup artists and hairdressers, so they almost invariably pick up elements of these skills. As modelling provides the opportunity to travel, this also means that many models are able to learn and speak other languages. They may eventually speak confidently in the country they are visiting and communicate with fashion designers for whom English may not be a first language. And models need to be fit and healthy, so learning how to maintain a healthy body is a skill that all models acquire.

Promotion and profile raising
Many of those who want to take up modelling have other aspirations: acting, singing, dancing or performing in other ways. Modelling is a great way to get noticed and to make influential people see who you are and what you can do. Due to the nature of modelling, models can find it easier to appear in the media in some form, whether it be in print or on television. This may lead to more appearances, furthering one’s modelling career while opening doors to other opportunities such as acting, television presenting and even writing.

The one thing that most aspiring models believe is that a career as a model will lead to them earning huge amounts of money. For some, this is the main driving force behind their desire to succeed. While earning money beyond most people’s wildest dreams is true for those who make it into the ‘super league’ of modelling, relatively few are in this category. That is not to say that modelling cannot be lucrative, but any aspiring model needs to be prepared for a few years of earning relatively modest sums. Once they have built up a large enough portfolio, they are more likely to be considered for higher value work such as advertising campaigns for major fashion labels and cosmetics brands.
These are just some of the opportunities and experiences that are available if you choose to pursue a career as a fashion model. The diversity of this industry allows for a great deal of flexibility and numerous potential career paths, regardless of your talents and interests.

If this is how you see your self, please get in touch