Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Be A Star!

Do people always comment that you have a ‘star’ quality?

Then why not try dipping your toe into the pond of success.

Well, maybe you need to start smaller, but everyone who is famous has had to start somewhere so who knows where you dreams may take you.  Whatever talent you have, whether you love singing, long to be a dancer or aspire to be an actor then take the plunge and follow your dreams with www.elirving.com by your side.

Our experience and expertise can help with matching performers to clients through the many number of industry contacts we have built up over nearly 20 years in the business. Whilst there is no magic formula on how to be a star, believing in yourself is a must and a helping hand goes a long way.  www.elirving.com can give advice and guidance every step of the way.

Being a star doesn't only take a talent but demands hard work, long hours and a commitment second to none. If you want to find out more about how to be a star then register your talent at www.eliriving.com today as we are a unique talent agent across the UK.

You be taking a big step closer to your dreams.

Most people have the ability to become a star but it takes someone special to actually be a real star and make a living at what they love doing.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Modelling Types El Irving Advise's on

Why not take a look at the model types below to get an idea of the modelling work that www.elirving.com can help you with, weather you are just starting out or you need advice. Contact www.elirving.com for any further information on how we can help you in your career.
In this blog we are going to concentrate on Promotionial Modelling.

Promotional modelling is a great way to get into the world of modelling.  Promotional models are used at store openings, clubs, trade shows and public events to promote a business, service or product.   

This can involve handing out leaflets, chatting to visitors or maybe getting visitors to fill out a competition form.   Whatever type of promotion modelling is offered, its a good introduction to modelling and can earn you some extra money.

Promotional Modelling

Both male models and female promotion models are needed by our clients to promote their products, but generally female models are requested more often for promotional assignments.  An important factor of promotional modelling is to increase product awareness, and therefore the assignment may call for you to wear an outfit or uniform.  Usually my clients will provide any clothing required or will make us aware of what is to be worn. 

Promotional modelling can be good fun, so if you have any outgoing personality and like talking to people then promotional modelling may be for you.  Why not contact www.elirving.com, you will be pleased you did.