Tuesday, 20 September 2016


A Modelling Portfolio is the one and only marketing tool that every freelance model should have. It could also be seen as a CV that shows what kind of work the model has been involved in. Judging upon the quality of the portfolios the casting directors have on the table they are choosing the models that are closely matching the requirements for the photoshoot assignment.

In the modelling industry it is accepted that all models are freelancers. Even when signing with modelling agencies the models are joining them on a self employed bases. If you are just starting a career in modelling you should be aware that as it is going to be up to you how you manage your bookings. In most cases models are expected to cover their own expenses unless the clients agree to include the expenses in the offer. However, being a freelance model does not mean that you are not allowed to be represented by agencies. Most agencies are offering non-exclusive contracts for their models, which means that they are not restricted to work exclusively for them. 

Models can choose what jobs to take or reject depending on the available dates in their calendar. Joining multiple non-exclusive agencies who specialise in their area of modelling can significantly increase exposure and ensure more work. Should they choose to represent you they will want to show your printed portfolio to their clients, they will want your Z-card available to display in their offices and be ready to hand over copy of your CD modelling portfolio if it is required.

Printed Modelling Portfolio

Printed modelling portfolio is a A3 format binder containing a collection of the model’s best pictures that represent the modelling genre and the abilities of the model. A printed modelling portfolio is important when you attend castings, go-sees and auditions. It can also be taken to agencies when apply to join. Many agencies host open days where you can attend with your portfolio.

CD Modelling Portfolio

If you have a CD portfolio, you can easy send photos by email and upload them to relevant websites. It also means that you can easily make copies so that you have them forever and don’t get damaged.

Online Modelling Portfolio

Every freelance model should have an online modelling portfolio. The online portfolio link is easy to promote when you taking part in the conversations on the social media site or modelling forums, as well as emailing the link to potential clients.
What’s more, you can constantly update it with images from your latest photoshoots.

Z Card

Z card is a composite card that every model should have. It may contain 4 to 7 A5 format pictures of the models portfolio and their business information is included. They are usually presented on more casual events. Z card in effect is a small portfolio. A sort of a business card containing the model’s statistics, contact information, and variety of images. It is advised to always carry a Z-card with you as you never know whom you may meet.

Being switched on and always on the look for new job opportunities is what will make your career a success. Every modelling job counts; no matter how big or small as it is adding to your modelling experience and helping you build a stronger modelling portfolio.

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