Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tips for Models


Modelling is not as easy as it seems, and anyone who says that models have it easy has obviously never modelled! Don’t let this worry you, has some great modelling tips & tricks to help you through your photo shoots.

Modelling Tip 1:
You must relax; tensing up will make your poses look stiff. Breathing exercises may seem silly but they’re a great way to relax the body.

Modelling Tip 2:
If you feel like your body is too tense, shake it off! You may feel silly shaking your arms and legs about but it’s another great way to relax your body and make you more ‘fluid’.

Modelling Tip 3:
Do not pout; more often than not it’s not a good look so why risk it in the first place.

Modelling Tip 4:
Match your facial expressions to what you’re wearing, don’t wear a serious look in casual wear.

Modelling Tip 5:
Your imagination is a powerful tool; if it helps to picture yourself lounging on a beach for casual wear then do it!

Modelling Tip 6:
Listen to the photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists this early on in your career, anything they have to say you should value more than gold.

Modelling Tip 7:
Be confident, this is easier said than done but if you can master your confidence it shines through in your photos. There are tonnes of confidence tricks online, see if you can find one that suits you.