Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Reality of Glamorous Models

EL Irving

The Reality of Glamorous Models

When many people hear a new song by a famous musician they will say for example 'I like that new Taylor Swift song, I love Taylor Swift', but Taylor Swift didn't make the beat, she didn't write the lyrics or play any instruments. Moreover, her voice has been digitally enhanced and synced with the beat, her name was chosen by her record label (which her father owns) and her style is the work of make up artists, designers and consultants. So when people say they love Taylor Swift and her music, they mean they love the whole package, everything the team put together and the girl who is the star of the show.

Even those who produce, write, direct and act in their films like Quentin Tarantino have an army of people behind them making their vision a reality.

Nowhere is this phenomena more evident than on reality TV shows, especially survival shows like 'I'm a celebrity...' Here socially unreachable toffs like Spencer Matthews are sent running to rehab, and models are shown up for what they really look like. It is not fair to use the magic of photo editing to enhance unattractive talentless people so they can become famous, instead let's fine some attractive talented people and give them the fame they deserve.

Case in point:

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