Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How To Kick Butt At A Photoshoot

Photoshoots are scary enough and modelling is way harder then it looks.
So here are some great and helpful tips to make sure you make the right impression.

1. Personality -

Being gorgeous is one thing but being memorable is another. If your going to be a successful model you can’t just rely on your looks alone you have to be prepared to network and get yourself out there. Try and be the person who was courteous, positive and professional. Being funny any confident never hurts either. If a photographer or a MUA enjoyed working with you, they are very likely to recommend you to others just based on the fact that they enjoyed your company. Do not be forgettable, show of your personality and what makes you special.

2. Practice –  

Don’t be that person who turns up on set and says “Now what!”. Find a model you admire and have a look at what they do correctly, what about them stands out? How are they looking at the camera? What about their posture? All of these things are important little tricks that you can pick up from studying the work of established models. It is a perfect excuse to take a million selfies and look at yourself in the mirror all day (like we need an excuse…).

3. Preparation – 

This isn’t every other day and it’s a job. So you need to be ready – make sure you drink loads of water and get plenty of sleep. Water and sleep are the two secrets to amazing skin, if you are dehydrated and tired…well that is not a hot look. Eat well before the shoot but stick to healthy foods. Vegetables and fruits are the best way to ensure you are on top form and will give you enough energy throughout the day. NO JUNK FOOD!!!! You are what you eat so if you eat badly your going look bad. Simple.

4. Punctuality -

You might be pretty, but pretty does not work if your late all the time. Plan your journey beforehand use an app and make sure you have the right address. If you need to confirm with someone beforehand its better to be safe then sorry and it just shows that you care. If you are late to shoots people will remember, this will effect your future as a model and for agencies it is unacceptable. So set your alarm extra early

5. Positivity! -

It might sound ultra cheesy, but if you dream it you can do it.  Most people never take the leap, and the fact that you’re already trying to live your dream means that your have taken the first step. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you. Body positivity is just as important as mental well being and whilst this industry traditionally isn’t the most open, time are changing and you can contribute towards that change. Style will always trump what is fashionable so it never hurts to make a statement in everyday life as well in the industry. Take care of yourself inside and out.

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