Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Modelling Heights?

  • Are you concerned that your height will hinder your chances of becoming a model?
  • Do you look to the catwalk and editorial shoots feeling that the supermodels tower above you?
Many smaller models are insecure about their height measurement worried that despite their talent the industry would definitely discriminate against their 5 foot 4 inches. However, do not despair as petite models do have opportunities in the industry when looking in the correct places, I should know as I, http://www.elirving.com have helped many achieve this.

Take a look at the type of work petite models can secure to carve a successful career.

Catalogue Modelling @ http://www.elirving.com
Online and print catalogues do cater for individuals with a tiny frame. The platform hosts a large amount of sections to provide for all of the family including petite, tall and maternity departments. Therefore, smaller models will be hired to model for the designs on sale. It is important that the images do showcase reality demonstrating how the garments fit a petite physique.

Petite Brands @ http://www.elirving.com
Similarly, petite labels require talent with a smaller height. The success of their label relies on the presentation of their designs. Garments are required to be cut in a way that flatters the tiny frame fitting smaller torso, arm and leg lengths. To promote the specific pattern cutting aimed at petite physiques is to actually work with those whose measurements meet their target audience. Their market can visualise how the designs work on a body shape similar to theirs and purchase the items.

Body Part Modelling @ http://www.elirving.com
Petite models may have a superb set of shapely legs, elegant hands or scrumptious feet that will be desirable for body part model. Individuals who possess a smaller height do not necessarily have a petite hands, feet or leg length as body proportions vary depending on the person in question. Therefore, look after your features and try to approach agencies and companies who specialise in body part modelling as you may be able to secure a job.

Swimwear Modelling@ http://www.elirving.com
Lingerie and swimwear brands focus on hiring models that fill their bras and knickers rather their height. It is important that the individual’s chest, torso, legs and derriere showcase their swimwear or underwear designs appropriately. Overly tall models are not necessarily suitable for the part, as their bust may not fill the bra seductively. It is certainly an idea to approach lingerie labels to gain experience and to see what the brand is after in terms of body shape.

High Fashion @ http://www.elirving.com
The high fashion world has gained a reputation that favours super tall, thin models however; recently there has been a lot of discussion over creating a diverse industry. As the industry accepts plus size models the firm line has begin to waver considerably with a variety of shapes, race and ages being welcomed to the catwalk. There has been a few exceptions to the rule with the likes of Kate Moss and Anja Konstantinova finding a place in the high fashion world. It is certainly worth a try as if an agent or industry professional is campaigning for your look than you will have a great chance.

Please get in touch if you want to get in to the industry;  http://www.elirving.com

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